Zambelli Plaza

Zambelli Plaza has been designed to be a focal point of the downtown experience.  It is located at the main intersection of downtown including East Washington Street (East/ West) and Mill Street (North/South).  The plaza will provide a counterpart and respite to the urban fabric of the intersection, which is the heart of the overall Downtown Revitalization.  The design incorporates a classic tiered water fountain within an iron gazebo  for  visitors  to the  downtown to rest, relax and interact.  A highlight of the park will be a fireworks sculpture that will illuminate at night.  The sculpture will symbolize the tremendous impact that the fireworks industry has had on the City of New Castle and will recognize the Zambelli family who donated a key piece of property to the project.  There will also be a small landscaped area that will accommodate outdoor table and chair seating.  This area will complement the adjacent retail businesses as well as supplement staging of large scale events.  A component of this project is the addition of a 20 car parking area that is immediately adjacent, but physically screened from the park, with access off of Sycamore Alley.