East Washington Street Bridge

In addition to providing a physical connection from one side of the Neshannock Creek to the other, the East Washington Street Bridge adds aesthetic beauty to the Riverwalk and the Downtown Revitalization.  Although there will be no structural repairs to the bridge, many superficial improvements will be made to incorporate common elements that are being used throughout the Revitalization projects such as the stone work that will face the bridge structure.  The bridge railing will be black iron, set between stone piers.  The stone piers will have light posts on top replicating the bridge’s original lighting.  The light posts will have paired hanging flower baskets.  The sidewalks crossing the bridge will be done using the same features of all the new sidewalks including smooth concrete bands and exposed aggregate insets.  The design and  materials utilized will serve to tie together visually the development that is and will be taking place on both sides of the Neshannock Creek.  The City of New Castle has and will continue to work with PennDOT and their requirements/permits on the completion of this project.