The City of New Castle is located minutes away from major interstate highways and transportation facilities.  Highways running near or through New Castle include the  Pennsylvania Turnpike and Turnpike Route 60, Interstate Highways 79 and 80, U.S. Routes 224 and 422, and State  Route 18.

Rail access is available through both Conrail and CSX rail transportation services.

Local and long distance bus services are available through the New Castle Area Transit Authority and Greyhound Bus Company.

Pittsburgh International Airport provides U.S. and international commercial passenger and commodity services for those who require more than what is available through the New Castle Municipal Airport.

New Castle Municipal Airport

The New Castle Municipal Airport is located on 350 acres in Union Township with access from Routes 60, 224, and 422.  The mission and scope of the airport is county-wide; our air transportation gateway to Lawrence County.

There are 46 T-hangars, 3 conventional hangars, and tie-down areas housing more than 65 aircraft.  Annual passenger load for New Castle is 30,188.  75% of general aviation flights are business or transportation related.  Economical impact directly to Lawrence County is approximately $1.5 million per year.

The airport is currently managed by a seven-member authority appointed by the Lawrence County Commissioners.  No local tax money is being used to enhance or operate the airport.  Airport users pay all the costs of operating the airport.  This is a matter of common sense, not financial need.  The local airport is one of the best examples of government and private enterprise working together to deliver an important community service at no cost to the city or county.

The Fixed Base Operator (FBO) at the New Castle Municipal Airport, Haski Aviation, Inc., has been offering flight training since 1962. Haski offers instruction from private pilot through airline transportation pilot ratings. Haski is approved by both the Federal Aviation Administration and the Veterans Administration.    Haski is one of the only VA approved flight schools in Western Pennsylvania.