Home is Here

Home.  It’s more than just a place.  It’s a feeling.  A sense of comfort, security and belonging that prompts a sigh of relief when you pull into the driveway after time away.  It’s the familiar sound of family crammed too tightly around the dinner table, the scent of Sunday sauce bubbling on the stovetop, and the warmth of friendship wrapped around your shoulder.  Home is where memories are made, experiences are shared, and traditions are preserved through recipes, celebration and stories.

When we say “Home is Here” we are not just referring to a location, but a strong sense of community that is being built in New Castle, PA as a place where anyone can lay down their roots and grow.  New Castle is not only a good place to start a life or a business, but a good conversation at the local coffee shop.  Maybe we can’t solve our problems in a day, but we can affect change by using our skills to turn lemons into the best darn lemonade you can imagine.

“Home is Here” recognizes the best of who we are and what we have to offer right now to become the best possible New Castle that we can be in the future. Join us on our path to positivity by displaying the logo at home, at work or on your person.

New Castle Logo (pdf) – High Resolution

New Castle PA Logo

New Castle, Pennsylvania - Home is Here (Logo)