Community & Economic Development


Yearly, the Community and Economic Development Department of the City of New Castle receives funding from various sources to support our local community development and economic development projects.  Such funds include:  Community Development Block Grant, HOME Grant, and other state/federal grants

  • Code Enforcement:  Actively eliminates harmful conditions that threaten public health and safety.
  • Demolition:  Removal of blight and vacant, substandard properties throughout city limits.
  • Downtown Facade Improvement Program:  Primary goal is the preservation, rehabilitation and adaptive use of downtown buildings.  All work on the facade must comply with the Downtown Facade Renovation Guidelines of the City of New Castle.
  • Downtown Revitalization:  Funds from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to revitalize the Downtown.  Work includes acquisition, demolition, parking lots, streetscape improvements, parks, etc.
  • Enterprise Zone Revolving Loan Funds:  Purpose is to provide a source of funding to pursue economic development activities through public/private investment initiatives that will result in expansion of job opportunities for the City.  All loans are at 3%.
  • Additionally:  Paving and sewer repairs throughout low/moderate income areas.


Chris Frye
City Administrator/ Community Development Director

Jerry Mackie
Mayor's Office

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