City Treasurer

Phone: 724-656-3546
Fax: 724-656-3523

The City Treasurer’s Office prepares, mails and collects the following tax bills for those living or owning property in the City of New Castle:

City Property Tax: 724-656-3546 / Pay Taxes Online
School District Property Tax: 724-656-3547 / Pay Online
School District Per Capita Tax: 724-656-3549 * PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE PER CAPITA PAYMENTS ONLINE!

Code Enforcement: Pay Online

The City Treasurer’s Office also collects and processes Peddlers and Solicitors Licensing Fees.

The City Treasurer’s Office is charged with the design of an effective cash management and investment program for the City. Some of the activities include forecasting all cash receipts and expenditures, arranging for banking services, investing funds not needed to meet current expenditures, and financial reporting.

We have three full-time professional employees involved in the daily operations of the office.

Tax payments can be made in person at the City Treasurer’s Office, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., closed weekends and holidays. Our tax offices are located on the first floor of the City Municipal Building, 230 North Jefferson Street, New Castle, PA 16101-2220.

We are striving to provide as much information on this web site as possible to enhance the quality of our service and provide convenience for our citizens.

Local Services Tax and Local Earned Income (Wage) Tax are collected by Berkheimer Tax Administrator


Tracy Akins
School Property Tax Clerk

Valerie Bouye
Per Capita Tax Clerk

Brandi Zingaro
City Property Tax Clerk/Payroll Assistant

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