New Castle Announces 2023 Investment in City Paving

More than $5 Million Directed Toward City Paving From 2020 to 2023

(New Castle, PA—April 21, 2023) On Thursday, New Castle City Council announced the approval of a roughly $1.2 million paving project for 2023 to be carried out by Youngblood Paving. This amount brings the City’s four-year investment (2020-23) to more than $5 million in paving and represents a continued focus on neighborhood and infrastructure improvements.

Council unanimously approved a contract with Youngblood Paving for the 2023 season and work is scheduled to begin soon. The total of $1.2 million allocated to paving in 2023 includes the 22 base bid roadways. There are several optional bids that will be decided on once other funding is realized.

The streets on this year’s schedule are pulled from the master paving list that the City is working from in order to keep a full count of all streets that need attention throughout the community. The master list ensures that all major problem areas are documented and eventually scheduled for repair as funds allow.

“Over the past two years we have worked strategically to pave as many streets as possible throughout the City with the amount of funds and time that we have available,” said New Castle City Administrator Chris Frye. “Our Public Works Department is continually working to identify the streets that need the most immediate attention and, in coordination with RAR Engineering, compiling the lists making recommendations.”

The Youngblood contract does not include but is in addition to the Mill Street project that is partially funded by a $50,000 Lawrence County Paving Grant announced earlier this year by the County Commissioners. These funds will allow the City to pave Mill Street from Croton Street to E. Division Street with the remainder of the Mill Street project tabled for now but will be included in future planning. Also, residents will notice the Enterprise Park Project moving forward as Produce Street, Kurtz Street and the alley way from E. Washington to Produce will be restored.

“We are very proud of the amount we have been able to allocate over the past three years to paving our streets because this is an investment in our neighborhoods and needed improvements that affect us all,” said New Castle Mayor Bryan Cameron.

“We hear from our residents often about the many streets throughout our City that are in need of maintenance and our crews are constantly working on repairs,” said Councilman Terry Rodgers. “Public Works and RAR Engineering have put together a comprehensive list and it is encouraging to know that a majority of our communities will be impacted in a positive way.”

“Our Public Works Department maintains roughly 100 miles of roadways within the City limits and they have done a great job identifying problem areas and working through needed repairs,” said Councilman Eric Ritter. “Their coordination in compiling the lists and giving feedback on the streets most in need of attention has been important for us.”

“While we certainly understand the frustrations of residents who do not see their streets on our list, we want to assure everyone that the master list is being added to regularly and we are doing our best to work through these projects,” said Councilwoman Maryanne Gavrile. “Every time a resident makes us aware of needed repairs, I immediately ensure that the street goes on our list.”

“The goal is to be able to impact as many areas as possible and this investment allows us to move forward on some roadway projects that are in desperate need of our attention,” said Councilman David Ward.

“Just by driving around the city you see many of our streets are in need of attention. I am happy we are able to have this size of a project completed in my final year on Council,” said Councilman Patsy Cioppa.

Residents who do not see their streets on the 2023 paving list may still see improvements to their streets as the City is working with Columbia Gas Company on a 2022 and 2023 paving list from damage done to area roadways as part of utility work.

All areas of New Castle will realize some improvements thanks to the 2023 list as the City works to impact as many neighborhoods as possible with these projects.

To report a pothole or needed street repairs, New Castle residents are encouraged to call the Public Works Department at (724) 656.3568.

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