Aiken Refuse FAQs for 2023

Q: What are the options for refuse pick up in the City?

There are two options for the new refuse collection system.

1) The bag system. This option is similar to the Blue Bag system residents are familiar with from past years. City specific bags may be purchased at local stores and used for collection in the City. 2) The 95-gallon Cart system. This option allows residents to fill an entire 95-gallon Cart, to be purchased through Aiken, each week and place the cart at the curb for collection for a monthly fee.

Customers can switch between service options every quarter. For instance, if you start Cart service and decide that you would rather use the City bag system, you can cancel the Cart service at the end of the billing service and then use City bags for your refuse.

Q: What is the cost associated with the Carts?

The 95-gallon Cart is an option for all residents for their refuse. The cost of the Cart will not exceed $75 each and the final cost per bin will be dependent on participation and Aiken buying power. The collection rate for Cart service will be $23 a month, billable quarterly or $69 every three months. An option for extra 95-gallon Cart, each provided by Aiken for an additional fee of $20 per month ($60 per three-month period), added to the base collection rate. A resident choosing to have two carts would pay $129 total each cycle.

Q: What garbage bags do I use with the Carts?

Any store-bought bags can be put in the Carts purchased from Aiken. This is at the discretion of each resident. The contract does not require City Bags to be used in the carts.

Q: How will I order a Cart?

Starting the Week of February 6, 2023 Aiken will begin mailing information to property owners explaining how to order a Cart. The information will be mailed first to all City customers that are current on their account and will roll out to other customers shortly thereafter.

Q: How and When will I get my Cart?

Once the initial order of Carts are received by Aiken, they will deliver the Carts to all those who purchased them in time for the April 1 start date for the new collection program. Those that add Cart service after the initial order deadline, will have their Carts delivered by Aiken as soon as they have them. Aiken will order extra Carts and have them on hand for those that add Cart service after the initial order deadline.

Q: If I don’t order a Cart from the beginning, can I decide later to order one?

Yes. The deadline to order a Cart in order to guarantee delivery by April 1, 2023 will be February 23, 2023. Aiken will order extra Carts that customers who do not meet that deadline will still be able to order a Cart(s). Aiken will accept new service for Carts throughout the term of the agreement which means you can add Cart service at any time. You can also cancel Cart service at any time (at the end of a quarter), and use the City bags for refuse.

Q: What if my Cart is stolen?

All Carts will have a serial number that identifies the owner of the Cart. When you purchase it from Aiken, just like any other item of personal property you own, it will become your property. If your Cart is stolen, Aiken will replace it (for the cost of a Cart). Because the Carts will have a serial number, if someone else uses your Cart, Aiken will be able to locate it and will retrieve the Cart and return it to you and will refund you the cost of the Cart.

Q: How do I buy garbage bags?

Garbage bags will be available at local stores for $3.50 each, sold in rolls of 10 for $35. A list of stores around the City that will carry the new refuse bags will be available soon.

Q: When will this new system start?

The new two-option system will begin on or about April 1, 2023. More information will be sent to residents from Aiken and will be posted on this website as it is available.

Q: When will the Bags be available in stores for purchase?

Aiken expects to begin selling the bags in stores in mid-March, 2023. A list of the stores where they will be sold will be added on this website as the information becomes available. Please check back. Also, Aiken will be mailing information regarding the collection program to City residents, which will include the locations selling the bags.

Q: What if I am a business that wants to sell the City bags to my customers?

Please contact Aiken at (724) 758-9400.

Q: Will there still be leaf waste collection throughout the City?

Yes. Collection of leaf waste will be provided by Aiken two (2) times per year. The collections will be two (2) weeks in the spring and six (6) weeks in the fall. Residents will place leaf waste in compostable bags and place the bags curbside for collection. The collections will occur bi-weekly on the alternating weeks as recycling collection. A full schedule for leaf waste collection will advertised in the New Castle News and will also be posted on this website when the dates are set. There is no cost to customers for this service.

Q: Will there be a Christmas Tree collection after the holidays?

Yes. Christmas trees shall be collected by Aiken during the first two (2) weeks in January every year. There is not cost to customers for this service.

Q: Will my recycling be affected?

No. Residents may continue to use their recycling containers or, if needed, the City will provide recycling containers while supplies last. Residents may also use any other open top container for recycling. Residents will place recyclables in the recycling container and place them curbside for collection every other week. There is no cost to customers for this service.

Q: Why doesn’t the City just pick up my garbage?

As part of the Act 47 Plan, the City was forced to discontinue the refuse program and sell off the City’s assets including garbage trucks. The cost to restart a refuse collection department is too great and trucks of this style are not readily available. If the City re-entered the garbage collection business, taxes would have to be increased significantly.

Q: Will residents be forced to participate

Residents who need refuse pickup will need to participate in one of the two detailed options. Vacant property owners will not be forced to enroll in the system until the property is inhabited and refuse services are needed.

Q: Why can’t I get a refund for my unused tags from the previous refuse system?

The tag system was established as a per month cost. The cost of refuse pick-up per month for each household was dependent on a tier system, but the base cost was the cost for refuse pick up for the month. For example, the $16 a month option came with 5 tags and the tags were meant to be an allotment for that month. If you used less, you were still charged the $16 for the month based on your tier, if you needed additional tags the price increased for increased service.

Q: Will there be a “Spring Cleanup” associated with this contract?

No. The Aiken bid did not include a spring cleanup service. The City will explore other options and may seek bids for a spring clean-up in the future.

Q: Will there continue to be an option to dispose of bulky items, large items, and white goods?

Yes. Bulky and large items, and white goods that do not fit in the collection cart may be picked up with prepayment from resident to Aiken. These items will be collected on the same scheduled day of the week as normal waste & recycling collection services.

Q: How much will it cost me to dispose of a White Good or Bulky Item?

Both Option A and Option B shall include the option for Customers to prepay Aiken for collection, by Aiken, of Bulky Items and White Goods at a cost of $15 per item and of Large Items at a cost of $10 per item during the term of this Agreement and said costs shall remain the same during any of the three (3) one (1) year options permitted by this Agreement.

Q: What are White Goods?

White goods are items around the house such as large electrical goods used domestically such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, washing machines, etc.

Q: What are considered Bulky Items?

Items such as large appliances, piece of furniture or waste material from a residential source other than construction debris, hazardous waste, or covered devices included in the Covered Device Recycling Act.

Q: What are considered Large Items?

Items that are too large to be placed inside of a 32-gallon bag or a 96-gallon cart with an individual weight no greater than that allowed for a can or bag and which do not meet the definition of a Bulky Item. These items include things like lamps, bicycles, large toys and swing sets, vacuum cleaners, and other small household appliances, aluminum and plastic resin lawn furniture, an individual cut and tied bundle of carpeting measuring no more than 4 feet in length, and meeting the weight requirements, as well as other items of similar size, weight, and compactable nature.

If you have questions, please contact the City Administrator’s Office 724-656-3510 or via

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