New Castle Designated as Zoom Town

The Pandemic has changed the landscape of our nation and it is continuing to take its’ toll as we look to be working towards a cure and hopefully a return to normalcy. Or as close to normal as possible. In response, we have shown our resiliency and fortitude, but we have also shown our creativity and ingenuity, especially when it comes to the survival of our business sector. This adjustment has transformed positions, once only deemed as “on-site” to “work from home” jobs and employers and employees, and their families, alike are making the transition.

This emergency response, to slow the pandemic by working remotely, has created a unique opportunity for people to relocate to areas outside of the larger cities and metropolitan areas where they once worked. No longer being tethered to a cubicle at a specific branch or headquarters has empowered these employees to seek housing in areas with a better cost of living, more family friendly statistics and often times a slower and more pleasant way of life.

Now, employees are bound to their places of employment, and one another, by their laptops, desktops, tablets and smart phones. The advent of this virtual workplace has caused video meeting software stock to boom and companies like Microsoft and Zoom have taken full advantage. These two phenomena together have birthed a migration to smaller cities and towns that economists refer to as “ZOOM Towns”. And a few small cities like ours are being pegged as some of the communities these unchained workplace exiles are marking as their choice for relocation.

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