Coronavirus Proclamation

Following the President of the United States declaration of a “National Emergency” in response to the COVID-19 virus threat our nation is facing, the City of New Castle will close access to city owned and operated facilities to the general public until further notice. All municipal buildings and facilities will be accessible by staff and those appointments deemed essential to the daily operations of the city.

While all employees will be working their normal schedule, no member of the general public will be permitted on the grounds of municipal facilities without express administrative permission.
Those needing to pay bills, taxes, etc. may use the respective drop boxes, mail in payments or make payments online when possible.

Code enforcement department, fire department and police department activities will continue to function as normal with certain limitations and those professionals will take every precaution possible when or if they need to personally interact with the public to handle a situation. Please cooperate with them and follow all their directives when and if you do encounter these individuals.

Please utilize local medical facilities as needed and make sure you are patient and cooperative as these professional will be following strict protocol to deal with ongoing medical situations as well as addressing any that arise as related to COVID-19.

We are working with and following state and federal officials directives to ensure that we handle this possible pandemic as efficiently and effectively as possible. If we all work together, we will get through this as we have all situations we have faced in the past.

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