City Seeking Members for Health Board

The Board of Health reviews the current local Health Ordinances to ensure they meet any State or Federal requirements and recommend appropriate corrections to those ordinances if needed. They ensure the Licenses are lawfully issued for the 150 + establishments in our City. They take a temperature of local issues to see if a new ordinance should be enacted to ensure public safety. This might include tattoo ordinances…. They interact with the local Health Agent, Health Officer, that is appointed by the Council. Lastly they would convene as a Board for any appeal that is filed relating to enforcement of the Health Ordinance locally. We have not had any appeals in 15 years.

Meeting are currently at the City Building 3 times a year on Mondays at 5 pm, but could be changed to meet the needs of the individuals on the Board of Health. Appointment is 5 years typically with 1 expiring each year.

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